Car Title Loan Process

Getting a car title loan or auto title loan in Ogden has never been faster! We have made the process as simple as it can be.

The first thing you should do is either call us at (385) 279-5290 to speak to our loan specialist. Your car title loan specialist will be your point of contact throughout your entire loan process. This way you will not have to repeat any information and only one person will contact you. During the initial conversation, your car title loan specialist will ask you the vehicle's year, make and model. Or you can apply online!Once entered into our system, she will be able to tell you the amount of cash we can lend against your car. Then she will discuss your payment options and explain the loan contract terms. At this point you can discuss whether you would like a short-term or long-term Ogden Car Title Loan.

Once the Car Title Loan Contract is agreed upon, your loan specialist will submit the application to the underwriting department. Car Title Loan Ogden's underwriting department will check to see that there are no current lien on the title. They will also verify your identity. Once the car title loan has been approved, the contract will be sent to the office.

Your loan specialist from Car Title Loan Ogden will let you know the contract is ready to sign. She will give you the Ogden office address or find another location closer to your work or home if necessary. She will also ask you to bring in copies of the following documents: 1. Registration, 2. Insurance, 3. Driver's License, 4. Utility Bill, 5. Paystubs or Other Income.

Once the contract is signed and the title and documents are dropped off, the cash is yours!